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Smart Backup Client at back up guru offers a hassle free backup solution, which is completely automated once you install it.


There is complete security guaranteed with BackupGuru as you send and receive files. You get built in encryption, password protection and expiry dates while you send files on BackupGuru.


BackupGuru does not waste time in saving your data. Once you have installed the software, all your work, pictures, videos and audio files are saved on the cloud while you are working.


The smart backup on BackupGuru enables you to work together on documents even while your colleagues or friends are located remotely.

Back up from other storage platforms

Backing up is now hassle-free. BackupGuru lets you easily back up your data from other storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. This feature makes it easier for you to consolidate all your data into one platform.

Social media backup

Back up data from Facebook and Instagram and preserve all your memories with a few simple clicks.



Use BackupGuru to share folders to create multi-user workspaces with business-class administration tools, file permissions, remote wipe, and access controls.


With BackupGuru, you can back up your files all in one place, and keep them synchronized across all of your computers and devices and archived in the BackupGuru cloud.


BackupGuru lets you back up data from multiple devices so that all your files can be easily backed up, no matter where they are located. BackupGuru app is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web.


BackupGuru also provides you with advanced controls and administration tools as well as timely alerts and notifications to ensure you're always in control.


BackupGuru's unique, zero-knowledge online backup platform guarantees your privacy by providing end-to-end encryption, and only you have access to the keys.

Alert and feeds

Get constant alerts and feeds on your last back up, bandwidth usage, activity stream and much more.


Be in control of your data at all times BackupGuru gives its users complete control of the backup solution right from setting up security measures to user activity control BackupGuru is your reliable all-in-one tool for your online data backup needs.

Fast, Easy and Secure data backup by BackupGuru

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