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Online storage with BackupGuru is not just more economical but also makes for fewer hassles in retrieving files easily and quickly without having to compromise on where you are located.

With great increase in data, you will always demand BackupGuru for it’s efficiency and ease-of-use.



BackupGuru does not waste time in saving your data. Once you have installed the software, all your work, pictures, videos and audio files are saved on the cloud while you are working.

On the Go

Save on the go, without any manual intervention. BackupGuru gives you the convenience to backup your data from any device, from anywhere.


With mounting data, the devices are no longer able to accommodate the volumes. With scattered data, retrieval becomes a challenge. The cost of losing data is far more than your investment with BackupGuru’s cloud services. At a fraction of the cost of buying large data storage devices, you can easily and more cost-effectively manage your data on the cloud.


On the devices, data is always unsafe as it can go corrupt or get stolen. Backing up data online on BackupGuru is the smart way to save your data and secure it for a lifetime. Also data is protected with multiple authentication systems and encryptions. So data leakage or loss is out of question.


Cloud drive

Enjoy the convenience of a cloud drive. The cloud drive on BackupGuru acts as an additional drive in your system, only it is more secure and user-friendly and accessible across geographies and timelines.

Easily searchable

BackupGuru's Artificial Intelligence technology is capable of analyzing and understanding the objects and faces in all your images. So searching for a face or an object becomes easy and does not take any effort tin sorting your pictures.


Stay connected with your data all the time. Online backing up of data is not a fixed, limited data backup system, but can save your data no matter where you are. You can also get your data from the cloud at anytime, anywhere.


BackupGuru not only backs up and retrieves your data, but also organizes it intelligently so that you can search by size, name, device, quality, resolution etc.


Ease of access

BackupGuru lets you access your data with a few clicks. What’s more, get access across devices and operating systems, at any time you want.


Share all kinds of files, no matter the size, with friends and colleagues through a URL or an email address.


With BackupGuru, you can be rest assured that all your files are safe and secure. There is a two-factor authentication system in place, which ensures the safety of your data. The data is also encrypted and is secured at the server level with the highest level of security compliance.

BackupGuru’s cloud drive storage is created using the latest technology which makes searching and data analysis easy. With the Artificial Intelligence technology, it is capable of face recognition searches and other similar search options. Enjoy an organised data storage with BackupGuru this feature also organizes your data according to the device. BackupGuru’s online storage lets you access your data across various operating systems seamlessly without hampering your working and device usability.

Fast, Easy and Secure data backup by BackupGuru

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