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In the ever-changing world of technology. We keep finding ways to store data on our personal computers and laptops. We always look to buy the laptop, which has the best hard disk space yet we fall short on space restriction and security of our data. However, thanks to this new service called cloud storage gone are the days when you will need to carry pen drives and massive 1TB hard drives.



The user gets their own unique login information through which you can create access to your files from multiple devices through a single account anywhere at any time. The cloud storage services enable the user to choose to share the data files with others by putting in certain permissions in place. This service makes it easy to share photos, music, documents etc. with friends/family and view files in a collaborative working environment. This is very cost effective and easy way to store valuable data. It also allows the user to view and update your files through a laptop, desktop, iPhone and Android devices.

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