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BackupGuru gives you access to powerful analytics & reports so that you can enjoy greater control over your account. There are a plethora of reports on the dashboard telling you about your bandwidth usage, activity stream, billing details and much more. These reports help you keep a track on the overall health of your account.



View major issues happening on the system. Get alerts on your last back up and much more.

Bandwidth Usage

Get details on how much bandwidth has been used so that you can keep a tab on your data usage.



This page reports all the billing details of the account so that you keep a track on the billing.

Activity Stream

This tab tells you the status of the backup, the users and devices associated with it and the date and time of the previous back up. It gives you a history of the activity on the account along with associated details.


Devices Build info

This tab gives details on the devices, its build and its last upload and download date.

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