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All your valuable data and memories secure with BackupGuru

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Automatically back up all your folders, files and photos

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Continuous backup with ease
BackupGuru is fast, easy and secure


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Use artificial intelligence to discover and organize photos by faces and things. BackupGuru's artificial intelligence technology is capable of analyzing and understanding the objects and faces in all your images, and add them as a searchable content.


Automatic Back Up

Once you install and set-up BackupGuru, all your files are automatically backed up and stored on the cloud.


Mobile Devices

Keep your mobile and tablet data safe. Access and back up the data on your mobile phones and tablets through BackupGuru. In fact, BackupGuru also lets you effortlessly restore data between Android and iOS and vice versa.


Recover deleted files

Recover deleted files with BackupGuru. Use BackupGuru to keep copies of locally deleted files and folders.


Data access on the move

BackupGuru offers the best solution if you want to access your files on the go. With BackupGuru you can view, access, save and share your files from iPhone, iPad, or Android devices instantly.


Safe and Secure

BackupGuru employees the highest level of security compliance. Keep your data safe forever with BackupGuru's two-factor authentication, data encryption and more.

Backup made fast and easy

Backup and access data anytime, anywhere with ease and speed

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  • image “BackupGuru has made my life so simple. I don't have to worry about constantly backing up my important data.”
  • image “BackupGuru helped me to securely backup the data for my company, cost-effectively. ”
  • image “I was recently on the verge of losing some important data but thanks to BackupGuru, I could restore it.”

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